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Rogersville - Knoxville

From one ville to another ville. Although those two city share half of their name they couldn't be more different. The trip from Rogersville to Knoxville was somewhat boring, because it was the usual sight: highways, dead animals on the road (you smell them before you see them), big trucks and even bigger trucks passing by. But - and thank god there is the big BUT - our destination Knoxville promised to be interesting. After staying in motels for the last past nights we finally managed to get an Airbnb accomodation again. But it was not one of your usual Airbnb spots, this time we were heading to the marina of Knoxville because we were going to sleep on a houseboat!

The river marina itself is pretty huge, a lot of nice yachts and huge houseboats were docked. It took a while but eventually we found our place for the night. Not only the houseboat itself was a highlight, our hosts Justin & Ashley made the stay even better. The night started with a tasteful Blueberry Mojito (thx Justin) and some very colorful stories about the Labordayweekendparty in the marina (that we unfortunately missed). After checking out the Barscene in Knoxville we headed back to our swimming home and enjoyed a good hookah (sischa) and interesting conversations.

Nice american fun fact on the side: In the marina there were not only a lot of boats to discover but also a lot of golf carts - which was kind of strange in the beginning. But after we got "americanized" it seemed completely valid to us. Since the parking lot is about 5 minutes (by foot) away from the docks a Golf Cart minimizes the traveling time and thereby optimizes your lifetime. (and of course it helps with the groceries). Although it was kind of weird in the beginning to sit on golf carts Lukas and I were so amazed in the end that we almost traded them in for our bikes ^^

B & L

PS.: Don't forget, we are supporting Wings For Life with our adventure. Every € or $ you donate is going directly into spinal cord injury research. Please donate here! Thank you!

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