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US 66

St. Clair - Rolla - Lebanon

Leaving St. Clair in the morning of Sep 18th the time has come to enter THE mother of US roads: Route 66. Our aim is to follow Historic 66 for about 3500 km until we reach the Pacific. Expectations were high and we got quite excited when spotting the first sign saying: Historic Byway - Route 66. It wasn´t entirely clear to us what was meant by the term "byway" - it didn´t matter by that time anyway. Hey, we finally made it to 66!

A few riding-hours later we knew better and it became pretty clear why they added this subtitle. Iconic 66 at this point was "just" another highway, winding exactly next to the Interstate. Fairly far from being sexy. This picture didn´t change so far. From St. Clair to Rolla, from Rolla to Lebanon. Yet the number of bikers (mainly Harley´s of course) is undoubtedly on the rise. We like those folks. They usually have a smile on their face and greet us, hence accepting us as "bikers" too ^^

Currently we are burning around 4.000 - 5.000 calories per daytrip, which means, that we are in the favorable position to eat a lot (especially for breakfast). Usually this first meal of the day lasts for the 5 - 6 hours, but today we experienced what happens when we weren't enjoying a huge breakfast.

The first indication was that during todays trip we both got a hunger feeling after around 3 hours, however the second and probably best indication was todays dinner - Berni ate around 1kg of fried rice, Lukas a big (unfortunately not medium but well done) steak. But we did not stop there - both of us felt, that there is still room for some desert. So we headed to the local Waffle House to satisfy our sweet tooth. The menu there provided us with 2 choices of desert - a light and fruity southern pie (if desired with melted butter to pimp the ridiculous 650 calories per slice) or a tripple chocolate pie (670 cal.)

Since we have learned one thing in the US so far -> "Go Big or Go Home" we ordered both and tried not to get a heartattack. To be honest, we probably only went "medium" because we refused the melted butter, thereby unintentionally revealing ourselves as "non-Americans". Inglorious.

Anyhow, we are curious to see how Route 66 will change over time! There are obviously some more km to explore!

L & B

PS.: Don't forget, we are supporting Wings For Life with our adventure. Every € or $ you donate is going directly into spinal cord injury research. Please donate here! Thank you!

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