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Two Thousand

Cave-In-Rock - Fairfield

The first night in the tent was not as comfy as expected - interesting enough not the strange sounds of wild animals (or wild, snoring Berni's) were the source of the discomfort - but the unexpected isolating qualities of our tent - it was close to a sauna. So Lukas decided to sleep under the stars (with all the wild animals) and Berni was glad that he had the tent for himself!

As a result the morning was a little bit hard, but after visiting the cave that gave Cave-In-Rock its name and a good morning coffee plus breakfast we once again hit the road, expecting to get into some heavy rain. But surprisingly we faced a very strong tailwind that resulted in some fortunate events: The fasted ride so far - an average speed of 25,2 km/h that made the 110km fly by in just 4h 20min. Furthermore we cracked the first 2000 (two thousand!) kilometers. The first third of our adventure. For us it is incredible and exciting to take a look at our map - all of the milestones are standing for interesting people and memorable events! And there are so many of them already!

American fun fact, that wasn´t mentioned in yesterdays post: As some of you might still remember, we went to a gas station to get our American sized carb load. I (Berni) was really looking forward to some cold beer. However as we arrived at said gas station, I soon found out what I just knew from hearsay - we were staying in a DRY county. This does not mean, that there is no water (which would have been perfectly fine since in each and every store one can buy water bottles). No, it means no beer, no wine or other alcoholic beverage is being sold. In a diameter of around 9 miles. Since a cold beer after a day of riding would have perfectly accompanied the campfire, we were instead friendly asked to buy some water. Anyway, in our mind there was a pretty good chance that in such a faithful environment we could turn water into wine, or at least beer. But apparently one of the two of us didn't score enough faith points in the last years - so we had to drink water in front of the fire...

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