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Steaks and IDs

Lebanon - Springfield

Rides were unspectacular. Top Temps a little bit over 30 degrees celsius. Yet the first messengers of autumn are calling. Leaves start to change colors, the nights get colder.

Springfield - what a weird city! It was Saturday night, and we were heading downtown to get something to eat and since Springfield has 4 Universities we were looking forward to check out the night life as well. The restaurant of our choice (Flame) was not weird at all - quite the opposite. They were very serious about the food and drinks they serve - thus we had one of the best steaks in the US so far, an amazing "after work" drink and as it happened we also stumbled upon the owners of the restaurant and had a nice little chat.

The weirdness began as we left the restaurant and were heading into the bar district. It  was a warm night, a lot of students and the generell atmosphere was relaxed. However in between all those students there were some folks (mostly men with glasses and beards) holding signs with christian messages up. They did not fit into the place at all, but seemed to be eager and proud to missionary those "sinfull" students.

Another aspect were the cars and motorbikes driving around in the center square. We saw, well mostly heared a guy with his Harley and girlfriend/wife on the back seat. We guessed that he wanted to show off his bike (maybe the girlfriend/wife also - but the bike was definetly more interessting) and thus he pulled his throttle every 10 seconds to make the engine scream - that went on for approx. 30 minutes (in a square which you can usually drive through in about 30 seconds). We saw a car which was "dressed" in this famous Louis Vouitton pattern (not the traditional but the pink and green version of it).

Having decided to play some pool we were looking for a bar with pool tables. First bar -> "ID Please" - we show him our EU driver license -> "Thanks Guys - have fun". Second bar (the pool table at the first bar was occupied) -> "ID Please" - we show him our EU driver license -> "Thanks Guys - have fun". Third bar (second bar had no pool table) -> "ID Please" - we show him our EU driver license -> "That's not a valid ID, you are not allowed in!" WTF?! - we tried to explain to him, that the EU is a big conglomerate of countries in Europe, and that we never had an issue, but apparently in some bars your ID does not count if it has no Eagle and Stars and Stripes on it.

Kind of annoyed we were heading to an Irish Pub -> "ID Please" - we show him our EU driver license -> "Thanks Guys - have fun". Yeah! Pool table was free, so we had a blast. In the bar we met some nice and talkative Americans (one just came back from his semester abroad in Ljubliana). Since the city of Springfield worries about the success their students have, the bars close down at 1am - and we also were heading home.

B & L

PS.: Don't forget, we are supporting Wings For Life with our adventure. Every € or $ you donate is going directly into spinal cord injury research. Please donate here! Thank you!




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