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Springfield - Joplin

Once again we were heading West on Route 66 - some parts start to get quite lonely by now - no cars, we actually drove on the original Route 66 tormak, and occasionally some Route 66 buildings. Those buildings are either renovated gas stations or just abandoned housings. However, the buildings kind of stand out since they were built with brick and mortar and are a nice contrast to all the buildings built by wood (which are basically all of the homes).

On the way to Joplin we passed some of those incredibly huge chicken farms. Yet before we could see them one could undoubtedly smell them. Manure. For miles. It stings while breathing. Disgusting!

Entering Joplin was a very American experience - we left Route 66 to get on the direct route into the city - it is a straigth - very straight road (around 10km long). On the left and right side of the road Fast Food Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Gasstations, Matress and Furniture Houses oh and did I already mention the Fast Food Restaurants? It is a shopping paradise! And of course a lot of cars, apparently one young fine gentleman in a big SUV was intimidated by the size of our wheels (they were bigger then his) and voiced his concerns about this fact: "Get off the road you f***ing doushbags".

But there is something more to report on Joplin. We were told that in 2011 a devastating tornado struck the city. In the evening we met a waitress that witnessed the storm herself, losing her house, having her son injured, portraying all the incredible damage and people that got killed during that Sunday afternoon. It was scary. National Geografic did a documentary on the whole occasion. It´s attached to this post.

We think one can´t discuss a happening like this unless you experienced it. Yet we don´t plan on doing this. Fortunately we are not in the hurricane/tornado season right now. In addition we check the wather forecasts on a daily basis plus use an app that warns us in case of potential storms, hurricans or tornados.

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