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Fairfield - Teutopolis

It´s been 4 years since I left a little Town called Teutopolis aka. TTown. One of our main sponsors, the Siemer Milling Company has it´s principal office there. The Siemer Family lives close to the mill. They were our hosts for the weekend. A weekend packed with surprises, excursions, get togethers and reunions.

As mentioned in a previous post, Siemer is about to build a third production site, based in Indiana. I was informed that we get to chance to tour it. "Transfer will be organized" they said. I knew it´s a four hours drive from TTown. So I assumed they organized a rental car for us. Well, I was wrong. It was a mixture of disbelief and excitement when Rick Siemer (CEO) informed us that they chartered a plane to get us to the new mill!?What an epic surprise! The next day Rick drove us to a little Airport, introducing us to pilot Ron. Five minutes later we already got on the plane. No ID check, No security check, no nothing. Just a friendly "Good morning guys! Want a coffee? Ready to go?" Oh yeah, and we were: Rdy 2 Rumble! It was windy and cloudy at take off but a few minutes later we welcomed back an old friend that we hadn´t seen for a while: The sun! It was an incredible feeling pushing through the cloud cover, taking a sip of coffee, closing your eyes, listening to a nice piece of music while savoring the warming sunbeams on your face. What a privileged moment.

Arriving in Indiana, plantmanager Sunil picked us up and drove us to the mill. I attached some pics in the gallery. Many of you might just recognize an abstract concrete building. By now that is still the case, yes. Yet I can assure: It will be an impressive, state of art mill very soon. All equipted with latest technology and machinery from Europe, setting new standards in the US milling industry.

Fortunately I was also able to see friend & supporter John again, who is becoming productions manager at the new site. Both - Sunil and John - decided to sponsor a 5499km - leg the same day. Really appreciate that!

Returning to TTown in the evening, surprise #2 was already waiting: The Siemer Family organized a dinner at their private home, inviting friends and colleagues. Berni and me enjoyed the conversations a lot and had the chance to introduce the 5499km-project to all guests.

On Saturday we started the day by visiting Mike Yager and his famous Corvette museum in nearby Effingham. They host a funfest next weekend, expecting 15000! Corvettes from all around the country! Mike himself showed us around in the museum, providing plenty of background information. You don´t have to be a car enthusiast to be fascinated of what he created! Impressive gentleman, impressive collection!

In the evening it happened that we got invited to a 60th surprise birthday party for one of the most passionate and outstanding millers I have met so far: Red Tegeler. A very pleasant festive event.

On Sunday I had the chance to tour the TTown mill before spending the afternoon at a lake nearby, getting to ride a speedboat plus waterski! We ended the day having dinner at my favorite restaurant around: The Firefly Grill.

All in all we are simply greateful for this epic weekend and wanna say Thank You to everyone that made this stay so memorable!

Feeling pumped, we are eager the head further West!

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