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Training, training, training

Finally, after a boring winter ( no snow, just rain and grey weather) spring is coming to Austria. The blue sky and warm(er) weather is the optimal time to relocate the training from the gym to the outside. Since we do not have our touring bikes yet, i will start running through the gorgeous hills surrounding vienna (photos soon).

What happend so far ? Starting in January I enrolled in a gym close to my home ( to get rid of the "oh i will get to training tomorrow, because i don't want to travel an hour to get to the gym" attitude) and with my coach we created a nice training plan. It is focused on strengthening my core - especially the back - since we will spent plenty of time on the bike. And of course cardio training on the ergometer.

As I am the Average Joe guy - the training at first was a little bit embarrassing. Surrounded by those massiv trained dudes (some of them are competing in those body builder championships) I felt a little bit tiny, trying to lift those 15kg weights (or even less). So if you compare me to the most famous Austrian, I am about one third in depth and caliber. :)

However after 4 weeks - I had some pretty amazing results: i had doubled and tripled my weights and my overall fitness is getting better and better - pretty cool :)

What also helps a lot is listening to the right music, my current favourite training track is - hope you like it:

Stay tuned - Berni


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