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Three Thousand

Vinita - Tulsa

Yesterday was supposed to be our trip from Vinita to Tulsa. But as the gentle reader might know, we already did half of the trip the day before. So this trip was of a shorter nature.

Since Lukas is kind of self concious when it comes to daytrips with only two digit figures in front of the KM and since he seems to be a firm believer in Homer Simpson's life motto: "If I don't see it, it doesn't exist" I will refrain from telling you the actual kilometres we did today. (however the figure is available upon request) Since this trip was kind of not very spectecular and after we have already managed to drive the first half of the adventure we decided to provide you with some stats:

Money collected for Wings For Life: €6.227 and counting (for the ones who are wondering what happend to the initial €5499 - as we saw that we can collect more then this initial sum we decided to upgrade our fundraising goal - first to €6.499 and now to €7.499. If you know someone who wants to contribute to a good cause, and if it's just a small sum - please tell him/her about our project, we would really like to reach those €7.499)

Flat Tires: 6 (Lukas: 1 // Berni: 5)
Handlebar Tape: 1 (Lukas had to replace his)
Rain Days: 3
Biggest Change in Altitude: 1150m
Longest Daytrip: 212km
Length of Tour so far: 3363 km
US Statelines crossed: 9
Highest Speed: Lukas: 72km/h // Berni: 68km/h (Lukas is fatter then Berni, which explains the difference)
Highest Average Speed: 25,5 km/h
Record High: 39 Degree Celsius
Record Low: 10 Degree Celsius
Time in the Saddle: 163 hours
Biggest Challenge so far: Berni: Apalachian Trail // Lukas: Staying behind Berni on uphill rides
Dead animals on the road: we gave up counting
Trucks with ridiciulous exhaust pipes: we gave up counting                                       Minutes awake due to inhuman snoring: don´t get me (L) started on that!! (live footage available on demand, FSK 21 - can also be used as a substitute for whale song)

B & L

PS.: Don't forget, we are supporting Wings For Life with our adventure. Every € or $ you donate is going directly into spinal cord injury research. Please donate here! Thank you!

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