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Texas, Baby!

Wheatherford - Shamrock - Amarillo

Some say it's the most American state of them all and that having a V6 engine here is like being a socalist. All we know is, it's called Texas!

Ever since we started our little cycling tour I (Berni) was looking forward to visit Texas again. I had the great opportunity to do a semester abroad at Texas A&M four years ago and since then I was looking forward to come back to this unique state again. Not only for me Texas is something special, Lukas also has some kind of a special connection to this lone star state.

And since everything is big in Texas we kind of went with the flow and made 3 daytrips out of the planned 5. This will not only give us 2 sparedays that we can use if we have some troubles or weather related issues, it also means that we did 460 km in the last 3 days. Normally this isn't a problem (Berni wouldn't have said that 4 weeks ago), but as soon as we entered Texas we were confronted with strong winds. While we especially like tailwind (it increases our speed by around 15km/h and at the same time reduces the amount of energy we have to use) we do not like the nasty headwind and unfortunately Texas had a lot for us.

We started off in Clinton, OK and both of us felt kind of edgy since we knew that we will cross the Texan Border today. The ride went smooth and suddenly there it was "Texas State Line". After having a short picture session, which was closely watched by a black stray cat we hit the road again and cycled to Shamrock. The city welcomed us with one of the most memorable late afternoon-rides so far. Heading into town, the sun directly went down behind it. The Lone Star Flag on the side of the road and the hilly seemingly neverending landscape provided the rest. Stunning!

Big Vern's steakhouse (the name is program) provided us with some much needed carbs and proteins (amazing steaks) and that was it for the day.

The next morning was a very early morning (alarm clock went off at 7:00) since we had around 170km ahead of us. As the previous daytrip already kind of promised was continued that day. Incredible and unique landscape. Hilly grassland, silence, seemingly neverending straight roads and fields, trains that honked for us ..... and headwind. Finally, after 9 hours of riding we reached our final destination: Amarillo, the (former) helium capitol of the world.

B & L (L does approve the written part of this message, however he is distancing himself from the video content that is provided)

PS.: Don't forget, we are supporting Wings For Life with our adventure. Every € or $ you donate is going directly into spinal cord injury research. Please donate here! Thank you!



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