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Stars & Cops

Holbrook - Flagstaff

After having enjoyed the formidable tyrolian hospitality and an amazing breakfast we were once again hitting the road heading west. Well at least after a short 5 km detour eastward (thank you garmin).

But on the bright side, thanks to the little detour we were able to check something off our bucket list: Hearing that beautiful sirene of a police car, turning around and seeing those bright flashy lights and actually getting pulled over by a cop (in our case highway patrol). Yeahhh!

Apparently we were too self concious as we were overtaking cars that stopped for a red light just to be in front of them. (yes - we should have guessed by the flash lights on top of the two SUVs and the big slogan "Highway Patrol" that might not be a very intelligent idea) Anyhow, after getting a lecture on how to behave on the road and a lot of "Yes Sir" and "That's True Sir" we were finally heading to Flagstaff.

Yes Flagstaff - we just did another casual doubleleg. Boom!!

Flagstaff is the last destination that is at an altitude of over 2000m, so we were expecting an uphill ride, which was actually pretty smooth. As we had that little intermezzo with the law we were running a little late (word of honor - the solely reason!) - and after a beautiful africanesque (like in lion king) sunset we had to put our lights on.

Now, I do not particularly like night rides - but this time I kind of enjoyed it. Riding through the mountains under tons of bright stars and a full moon - priceless!

B & L

PS.: Don't forget, we are supporting Wings For Life with our adventure. Every € or $ you donate is going directly into spinal cord injury research. Please donate here! Thank you!

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