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The AWOL and Berni

Around 2 weeks ago my bike for the trip arrived -  we decided to get  Specialized AWOL bikes - which, according to internet research seems to be the perfect choice - more on the handling later.

At Kraftwerk Greifenstein 

Our Bikeshop of choice is Vienna based Citybiker. Since we never did a trip like that we had and have to rely on people who know a lot about bicycles and equipment for the long run. Gernot and his Citybiker Team were amazing at supporting us and giving us some very helpful advice. Thank You !

At Kraftwerk Greifenstein

 At Kraftwerk Greifenstein 

So, the first long trip out with my AWOL - i still need to name it, suggestions appreciated :) - was wonderful! I chose to ride along the "Donauradweg" north of Vienna - a beautiful scenery right next to the Danube. However, it seems that you have to be careful where you park your bike, otherwise it will be hanged :)

Be careful where you leave your bike !

Be careful where you park your bike !

After getting accustomed to my gears it was a nice and smooth ride, although head winds picked up due to some weather changes. The most important insight of this trip was, that I really need to get new bike shorts :) Nevertheless i really enjoyed the wind in my hair and the freedom and peace on the track.


 In the back you see Vienna's Millennium and Saturn Tower





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