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Sitting, Waiting, Wishing.

Well Jack, we truely like your song - yet we start to unlike waiting for the second half of our luggage, not knowing anything about where it is or when it will reach NY. It´s day four. Yesterday we were relieved when the Airline informed us that our lost bags finally made it to JFK - and we were sort of surprised when we found out that in fact only two out of four items had arrived. It were our beloved bikes to be precise. They were shipped to our appartment later that evening. So we still miss our entire clothes, cycling equipment, tent and other personal belongings.

Today we really did our best to get more informtion on the whereabouts of our bags as we need to decide wheater to stay for another day(s?) in NY, losing valueable riding time or starting to rebuy gear here in the city, trying to get away asap, not knowing when or if our bags will reach us...

Berni went to the Airport in the morning, talking to BA and AA staff, aiming to get more information than the hotlineguys offered over the last days. I started to call the Airline and lost n found counters in Vienna, London and NY. The outcome was quite remarkable. They can´t tell us if the bags arrived in London, if they are still there, if they went on a plane to the US or if the ever arrived in the States. They simply don´t exist in their system. Yet they will keep tracing them for another 18 days. Applause.

Admittedly we were in better mood when we arrived. But we make the best out of it, experiencing New Yorks unique urban flair, maintaining our bikes and getting everything else ready for finally heading out!

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