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The City Different

Villanueva State Park - Santa Fe

Looking at the map you might think - what the hell are they doing - if they have stayed on the I-40 they would reach Alburqurque way earlier (an don't have to go up to 2200m). Or that's at least what Berni thought. But wow was I wrong - the daytrip and Santa Fe itself is definitely worth it.

The ride up to Santa Fe was easier then expected, although we had some strong headwind in the beginnig. We timed our departure quite early so we could see the city, which Lukas was told to be very pictoresque. (It's actually the third biggest art market in the US).

Santa Fe (official nickname: The City Different) is not only the oldest capital of the US it's also quite unique. Instead of having the highly efficient Amerian grid layout (it is nearly impossible to get lost in this layout) Santa Fe has the european chaos layout. Or even worse, it has the spanish chaos layout. But as we are used to narrow and curvy streets we immediately felt at home.

However not only the street layout was different - also the houses in the city where completely different. Firstly they were not made out of wood (we couldn't believe it) but people actually use concrete to built homes, secondly the roof. Houses have flat roofs in Santa Fe ! And thirdly the so called adobe style. Houses are shaped like traditional pueblo homes and have no wheels attached to them - so basically not your typical American house.

We were actually lucky and stayed at such a wonderful adobe styled house. Our Airbnb hosts Melody told us, that parts of her house are actually a hundred years old ! Speaking of Airbnb  - we had yet another amazing experience. Snow - Melodys big white dog - was just amazing to play with and out a smile on Lukas's face when he walked him (well Snow propably walked Lukas) through the neighbour hood. Unfortunately (for us) Melody had to go to the Baloon Fiesta, so we just had a little time for and interesting conversation.

The City Different => definitely worth visiting!

B & L

PS.: Don't forget, we are supporting Wings For Life with our adventure. Every € or $ you donate is going directly into spinal cord injury research. Please donate here! Thank you!

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