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Hopkinsville - Cave in Rock

Today was the day of silence & purism. Long, lonesome roads, fields, just fields, Amish people, hardly any traffic or network coverage, no internet, no substancial  conversations during the ride, a ferry, a new state, a calm hidden campground next to a river and a natural cave in the rock. Finally our first night in the tent.

Welcome to Cave in Rock, Welcome to Illinois, Welcome to the Biblebelt!

We arrived in the late afternoon, meeting the camp ground supervisors. And old couple, laid back & friendly. They seem to be as calm as the park they are looking after. Besides a single family we were the only guests around. Well wait, there was deer. Watching us. Less than a hundred meters away. Beautiful.

After we errected the tent, we were ready to grab some dinner. When arriving at the only restaurant in town we were indeed surprised that it had already closed at 7pm. As everything else in Cave in Rock. Fortunately I met a lady who told me that there is a gas station in 3 kilometers distance, carrying some food, closing at 8 instead of 7. Fair enough, riding those extra miles seemed to be the better option than going to bed without a US styled carb load.

Back at the camp we decided to collect firewood and lit a little campfire next to our tent. Looks like one never gets too old for that. Berni and me sat there for almost four hours, just staring into the flames, no talking. Simply listening to the crickets, the wind, the cracking of the fire. Purism.

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  1. Flora

    Lieber Lukas, das klingt alles so toll … Ich verfolge eure Route auch auf der Karte – es geht ja ordentlich was weiter. Am Samstag fahren Hans und ich mit Heinz nach Graz und besuchen einen Autorenkollegen. Da werdet ihr breiten Raum in unseren Gesprächen einnehmen. Ganz liebe Grüße, Flora

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