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Lucky Luke Land

Peach Springs - Kingman

Another sunny day on the breathtaking Route 66. It is funny to see how much changed in the last 2 1/2 months. This daytrip was supposed to have a length of about 90km. At the beginning of our adventure, at least for Berni, that seemed to be a big one. 90km are around 4 1/2 hours riding, hills in between make the trip even longer and more exhausting.

But to be honest, we started from Peach Springs and both of us were kind of: "90km? Mehhhhhh! It's not even a three digit figure. Sounds like a chilled day." And it was. Riding along the ol' R66 was once again an impressive sight. Mostly we where alone on the street, surrounded only be large hills that seemed to be standing model for a Lucky Luke comic book. At least I wouldn't have been surprised if some native American tribe was roaming through the land.

Kingman itself seems to be a divided city. On the one hand you have the "modern" American city - a big boulevard with motels, restaurant chains and gas stations all around, and on the other hand (and approx. 5km away) there is the older part. The main street with torn down buildings - sale or "no trespassing" signs on beautyful but old and shabby hotels or restaurants. However in between there are some germs. Like the Mr. D's Diner where we went to have some lunch and breakfast the next day. Those locally owned nicely maintained restaurants try to keep the Route 66 spirit alive - and for the most time they succeed.

B & L

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