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Oklahoma City

Coming to Oklahoma City at night we already got a glimps of what would expect us the following day - yet another typical US city, with downtown skyscrapers and extensive sub-urbs. At least that's what we thought.

After a welcoming night of rest at our lovely Airbnb appartment we graved for a huge breakfast - but this time we did NOT want to screw up like last time at Wafflehouse! It was time to finally GO BIG! The first reaction of our iHop waitress (her mother is actually from Berlin) after she took our order was: "You do know that our omlettes are huge, you might want to think about the strawberry-cream-french toast" - But we didn´t stop there and managed to reorder after our first and second course - She looked at us, smiled and said a single word: "Menschenskinder...". Killed it!

Supercarbed, we started exploring Oklahoma City downtown and soon came to the point that it wasn't quite as we expected. It has some hidden germs and a somewhat dark history. Bricktown (old industrial district with a riverwalk) was nice to strole through and the botanic garden is a green paradise in the middle of downtown. Some of you might remember the bomb attack on a federal building in OKC. We visited the memorial, which itself is absolutely impressive and one of the most beautiful memorials we have seen so far. Afterwards we also checked out the nearby museum. Although it is a museum about such a tragic event it was fascinating and made the events scaringly real to the viewer. A very rewarding visit!

American fun fact: Oklahoma City was founded on 22nd April 1889 and was part of the so called Landrush - an event involving over 50,000 settlers and 2 millions acres of unsettled land. So where in the morning of the 22nd was nothing then dust and stone on the 23rd there was a city with about 10.000 inhabitants. Pretty neat!

OKC fun fact: Exceptional food became our pet subject during the trip, true. Yet when it comes to desert, we thought we have seen everything. Boy, we were so naiv :/ Introducing OKC´s SEVEN LAYER MULTIPLE CHOCOLATE CAKE.

This beauty comes with a decent amount of Vanilla icecream and whipped cream, weighs about 1 pound and changes ownership for a handsome total of $12,50. Please note: This is NOT a desert dish pictured above. It´s a regular dinner plate. They serve pizza on the same plates. Thank you.

L & B

PS.: Don't forget, we are supporting Wings For Life with our adventure. Every € or $ you donate is going directly into spinal cord injury research. Please donate here! Thank you!

PPS.: No, I did not finish my 7 Layer MCC. Fallen in battle.

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