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A new day, A new state. Supporters on the road.

Philadelphia - Susquehanna State Park

Today we were facing the longest leg so far. Philly to Susquehanna State Park in Maryland. 127km on schedule, 140 in fact. This daytrip was full of contrasts. Philadelphia as a mighty, heavy industrialized city - Northern Maryland as a very rural, silent piece of land. Philly seemed to be never ending. It required 50! km of stop n go, traffic light riding to finally leave refineries & shipyards behind. The landscape changed dramatically afterwards. Fields, woods, rivers. You might get a better impression when checking out the pics below.

What struck me most (and actually makes this trip so valueable to us) are the various supporters on the road. Construction workers, other cyclists or even car drivers at a crossing start talking to us, show their respect, request our contact details and wish us the best of luck. Just amazing.

We finally made it to a huge bridge, just next to our final destination. Yet we didn´t cross that bridge on our own. 2 reason: I had my first flat tyre on the trip just 1km before, plus: The state of Maryland decided to close the bridge for cyclists and pedestrians to avoid suicides. Well, 'nough said.

We solved both issues by asking a State Trooper who was at the time monitoring the speed of cars to call us a cab, taking us over the bridge et voila, Mission accomplished.

L & B

PS.: Don't forget, we are supporting Wings For Life with our adventure. Every € or $ you donate is going directly into spinal cort injury research. Donate here ! Thank you.

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