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Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach - 27. October 2014

We made it! Atlantic to Pacific! 6044 km, 54 riding days, 16 states, 2 friends, 1 fuckin lifetime memory!

The timing of our arrival was perfect, right before the sun began to set in the Pacific. In Las Vegas we rode into the casino and that was a quite unique feeling. We topped this feeling here in Manhattan Beach. We rode right to the edge of the beach and jumped into the water. It's just an undiscribeable feeling, swimming through the waves, on the other side of the country, experiencing the strength of the pacific ocean. Just WOOOW!

Some people have looked puzzeled as they saw us in the water fully clothed, just screaming around. Suddenly a man approached us and asked about the story behind our mad behaviour. Say hello to Lars! This fine gentleman was born and raised in Manhattan Beach and showed us some very interesting local places - thank you again!

And Thank You guys who were reading our blog, donated to Wings For Life and people we met during our travels - you made the whole adventure something we will never forget.

Stay tuned for more Infos about our 5499km Wings For Life Project.

B & L

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  1. melody

    So glad you made it! It has been fun reading your progress along the way from santa fe.

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