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Lukas & Berni vs. American public transportation

Wytheville - Abingdon

After having spent the night in Wytheville we started to our last daytrip before our second regeneration day.

What we missed telling you in the last post is the very slow but steady change of our surroundings. After leaving the big cities behind and entering Virginia, the landscape itself changed from urban to farmhouses and fields. Well that was kind of predictable, but with the changing landscape also the people changed - a lot. Their shadows are getting bigger and bigger, English seems to be spoken here but in a very thick dialect. So those sophisticated Europeans really need to get their act together to understand what is being said. The nice part is, no matter what we are doing or ordering or saying, we are either called Honey, Sweetheart or even Baby (thx ihop waitress).

Furthermore the homo pedestrian seems to get more and more endangered. Sidewalks are vanishing, people stare at us like weirdos when we ask if it is possible to get into the city by foot. Our motel is at an interstate crossing and yesterday we tried to get down to Bristol to have diner and a drink. However there is no bus that could take us there, we got 5 Taxi numbers from the hotel, none of them are in service anymore and the receptionist was kind of baffled that we do not have a car (although he just saw us 1 hour ago, checkin in, with our bikes. Fair enough)

So we headed to the nearby Chili's and had a drink in the Holiday Inn bar (all by foot, and all pretty interesting to get to, since no sidewalk, at all, no pedestrian traffic light, at all) Since we are in the birthplace of country music and since it was karaoke night at the Holiday Inn bar we could enjoy fancy music to our fancy drink - of course served in a plastic cup.

Today we finally made it to downtown Bristol - The birthplace of Country music. The city seems to have quite some industrial history, however the golden times are obviously over. Lot of run down production sites, scattered all over the place. On the contrary the citycenter itself made a very friendly and lively impression. Live music, neat cars, a big variety of small shops, bars and restaurants. We enjoyed spending the rest of the day there!

Tomorrow: Leaving Virginia, entering Tennessee!

B & L

PS.: Don't forget, we are supporting Wings For Life with our adventure. Every € or $ you donate is going directly into spinal cord injury research. Please donate here! Thank you!


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