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Light And Shadow

St. Louis - St. Clair

In Austria we have a saying - "Drinks bring people together". And today this saying once again proofed to be true. Right next to the Anheuser Busch brewery in St. Louis Lukas and I were joined by a fellow biker. Phillip a race biker / manager joined us and showed us some hidden germs we would have definetly missed if we had just followed our GPS. Not only did he show us a nice bike trial near the Mississippi, Phillip also guided us to one of the biggest military cemeteries in the US. A very peaceful place, where deer browsed between the little white tombstones, but also a somewhat impressive sight that shows at which cost war is fought.

American cemetries are completly different to european (or at least austrian) ones. There are big streets that allow you to drive your car directly to the grave. Even funerals are usually carried out in a motorcade (as we could see there for the first time this day). On the way to St. Clair we were kind of concerned as all of a sudden a police car with lights and sirene on made a u-turn just after passing us. Not feeling guilty at all we just kept on riding just to see another funeral motorcade shortly after. Yet this time the motorcade didn't end after 10 cars - there were literally hundred of cars passing us. Impressive but a bit awkward at the same time.

American fun fact of the day: I think we can all agree that the US is a car-loving country. No route is too short to take the car, and no engine is to big to put it into a tiny convertible. But what we did not know is, that Bicycles somehow seem to be a less prestigious form of moving around. Lukas & I were riding on the streets in the cemetry, just to get an overview. Cars were overtaking us - no problem at all. Until... until we were told by an employee that it is forbidden to drive with a bike on the cemetry - cars and motorcylces are OK, but bicycles, big nono.

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  1. Chas.

    Cars and motorcycles but no bicycles!! Does anyone wonder why we are so fat full of heart disease and diabetes..

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