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Las Vegas!

Berni's Las Vegas

We realized, that we experienced Las Vegas very differently. That is why you get to read two different blog posts about one city. Not knowing what the other guy wrote before  - Enjoy!

What can I say? It's amazing! It's the second time I spent some time here and I still love it.

Arriving in the city after thousands of kilometers of desert and small cities, it was overwhelming. It's just incredible how human kind is able to built an entire city in the middle of the desert. And the history of the city itself - for a history nerd like myself - unique. The melange of pioneership, crime, personal history of the casino owners and movies made about infamous Las Vegas fascinated me before I ever took a step in the city and now I am here. Again. Visiting all the sights where history happend and still happens.

I mean where can you find buildings that where constructed for millions/billions of dollars and now are standing at the strip, half finished, because the old investors didn't have enough money. And the new investor will just tore down the structure, because the space where it stands is worth more then the building itself? It's pure american capitalism, the one you might actually be able to touch. And while it's kind of unbelievable - at the same time it's just amazingly fascinating.

Furthermore I find the whole atmosphere energetic. Blinking lights everywhere, being in a casino, watching the people playing, hearing somebody win on the slot maschines. Or just beeing amazed by somebody who is casually playing with chips worth more then $10,000. The "Dreamworld" of the Venitian, New York New York or the Bellagio - it's surprising how americans view european culture. And it's even more amazing, how the systems is perfectionized to draw the people to the tables or slot maschines. If you just stand in the middle of a casino and watch for half an hour or so - the gambling maschine is perfectly oiled and running. No watches, no windows - always the same light. Waitresses (apparently this is the second career for showgirls that are too old) serving alcohol for free to lower you level of risk awareness. It's just perfect.

This level of professionalism continues when it comes to the casino's clubs. Thank's to Lukas's connections we were able to get into XS @ Encore - one of the most notorious clubs in Las Vegas. Incredible music, incredible location (including a large pool within the club!).

Although I did enjoy the gambling atmosphere I was looking forward to leaving this crazy city, where it seems to be normal that you drive into the lobby on your bike to check in, or where you can go and play golf at 3:00AM. My gambling budget was tiny and unfortunetly the really interesting games are only fun to play with a huge budget. Nevertheless, to quote a famous austrian: I'll be back.

Lukas on the contrary seemed to be eager to stay. It was kind of weird, because at the beginning he seemed to be overwhelmed by the bright lights and sounds of the city after we had travelled for so long on less touristic places. Never thought I would ever see this - Knoll was disturbed by music and lights, strange. However he seemed to have recovered quite fast and after the night in the XS - he was back to normal - well Knoll normal that is.


PS.: Don't forget, we are supporting Wings For Life with our adventure. Every € or $ you donate is going directly into spinal cord injury research. Please donate here! Thank you!



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