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Gallup - Holbrook

Berni - aka Mr. Tripadvisor - was looking for a place to stay in Holbrook while I was maintaining my bike for tomorrows ride. I paused when he all of a sudden grabbed his phone with a smile on the face. Calling a number in Holbrook he opened the conversation by asking: "Do you speak German?" The rest of the talk was casual, Austrian slang. He hung up. "What the heck was that?", I asked? "Austrian charme at Route 66", he replied. This kid actually discovered a R66-styled Motel back from the days that was bought and refurbished and is now run by a very dedicated family from Kitzbuhel, Tyrol. Oh yeah, we got excited!

The way to Holbrook was a little rocky though. It was a 155k ride, mostly on tubekilla I40 as there is still no alternative. And I40 did live up to its name. The first flat was kind of: Ok, we saw that one coming. Next. Number two however was bittersweet as it hit us 5k before reaching the only gas station far and wide while trying to escape from an upcoming rainshower. And so was #3.

10k before finally getting to Holbrook, already riding in the dusk. Number 4 was just ridiculous. Without doubt. Having fixed No. 3 we tried to get to Holbrook asap. Two minutes after we hit the road again I looked down and said: "Berni, I might start to get paranoid but this lil f***er in the back gets softer again." Unfortunately I was right. We decided not to change tubes again but ride on as fast as possible, stopping every 5 minutes, reinflating air with our beloved hand pump.

Anyway, we made it. Entering the lobby we met a young lady. "You are German speakin?", we asked -  "Jo fralli, und es sats de zwoa Linza, goi?" Yes. We are. Welcome home!

The Motel itself was as neat as the welcome in the lobby: The owners put a lot of attention to details, some of the interior is even handcrafted! We enjoyed talking to Mona ans Larissa, listening to their story of leaving Austria to build their own business in the US. Before we left they invited us to sign their oversized Route 66 plate in front of the lobby. We felt honored.

Larissa, Mona & Peter: Good luck with your business! Never stop chasing your dream!

L & B

PS.: BTW we entered Pacific Timezone! We are now 9 hours behind Central Europe, having crossed 3 times zones by bike!

PPS.: Don't forget, we are supporting Wings For Life with our adventure. Every € or $ you donate is going directly into spinal cord injury research. Please donate here! Thank you!