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JFK. BA. AirBnB.

The title pretty much summarizes what kept us goin the last 6 days. What sucks is that we lost 4 riding days, putting more pressure on our cycling schedule. What´s great about it: Learning to be patient. Spending a week in a super exciting city. Getting to know loads of new people.

Our luggage was finally traced and shipped to NY. We picked it up ourselves today, moved into the third appartement in a week, had an epic dinner at a place called "Fette Sau", are just about to mount our brand new Go Pro and prepare our bikes for tomorrows long desired kick off towards the west coast!

Ready 2 rumble,

B & L

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  1. Jörg

    Heathrow is well know and infamous for loosing luggage, as is BA in general. Hope your flight back to Austria is not on BA!
    Happy cycling in the mean time!
    Cheers Jörg

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