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Eagles, Candy and Old Fashioned

Susquehanna State Park - Baltimore

A very interesting day starts, of course, with a good breakfast - american style, carbs and fat. French toast and bacon - it's just amazing !! (at least for Berni)

Our trip from Susquehanna State Park to Baltimore started of with a nice ride uphill - it was the first time for Berni to really use the famous "Wiegeschritt" and it worked out pretty well. Well that is a little be exagerated while Lukas always looks forward to those nasty uphill trails Berni thinks to himself WTF, why am I not allowed to use one of these nice 500HP Dodge RAMs that overtake me every other second. However the good thing about those uphill rides is, that this "I'd like to have a car" thoughts just occur at the bottom of the hill, when reaching the top Berni is mostly to exhausted to verbalize his recentments.

Where were we, ah yes - the State Park. Not only does it host a lot of american bald eagles (which is kind of the offical US mascott) but we could also visit a milling facility which has been there for nearly 100 years. (Lukas got really excited) And it was a nice and quite place to cycle - which was a nice exception from the crowded roads.

After driving through this park we headed westwards to Baltimore. A sunny day, again a small breeze however the sight was literally clouded by the big Macks, Kennworths or Freeliners Trucks that passed us on the highway - it is amazing how a high tech country seems to be stuck in the 70s when it comes to trucks and truck engines. The motto seems to be "the louder and the more fuel you can burn - the better". As we tried to avoid the highways with the, let's say not so healthy air, we came across the little town called Aberdeen, Maryland. As it was time to take a small dinner we stopped at Scoops Corner Cafe & Deli to have a short break.

However, thanks to Don (the owner) our "short" break became somewhat of an extended stay and we would have stayed even longer, if we wouldn't already had booked our AirBnB in Baltimore. The food was exeptional, and Don was very interessting to talk to. His lifestory could fill books and it is amazing to talk to somebody who is really passionate about what he is doing and Berni and Lukas hope to be able to say the same thing what Don told us: "Everyday I am glad to wake up and I am happy to do what I am doing"  - Don, if you read this, you will be remebered very fondly and we hope that we can host you sometime in Vienna, then we can make an Espresso Tour through the world capital of coffee (at least that is what they are saying).

So instead of a short stop, we stayed at Scoop's for nearly two hours - had not only a nice chat but also some amazing icecream (three words: Cotton Candy Icecream  - yes it sounds great - yes it tastes great and yes Berni felt like in heaven after eating it)

After our intermezzo we finally arrived in Baltimore, at our place for the night. Everything went smoothly - exept that those well educated Europeans don't know how to operate a simple electronic door lock). After we settled down a bit, we went out with our host Scott to meet his wife and her colleagues at a bar. 2 or three beers later (there might also have been some old fashioned cocktails) we finally headed to bed to get our well deserved bikers rest.

B & L

PS.: Don't forget, we are supporting Wings For Life with our adventure. Every € or $ you donate is going directly into spinal cort injury research. Donate here ! Thank you.

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