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Four Thousand

Vega - Tucumcari

The day started with some issues - since we knew that we might run into some heavy headwind Lukas set his alarm clock to 6:00am - after a short breakfast we wanted to head out and complete our 155km daytrip as fast as possible. However we apparently had a goblin visiting us during our sleep, because both rear tires were flat?! They were ok when we came in last night. Weird. So instead of cycling we were fixing our bikes - annoyingly. Since we are already well trained in fixing tires it was not a too timely issue and we were on the road at around 0930am.

But then it happend again and after around 30km we had to stop. More annoying. A flat on Lukas's rear tire. We couldn't figure out, what's happening, because we were not able to identify the cause for the needle like puncutres in the tube. We checked the tire several times but there was nothing obvious there. Yet after looking even closer then before we found the troublemaker. The rear tire was so worn out, that a part of it's steel canvas was directing inside and punctuated the tube several times. There was no choice, we had to leave the missbehaving tire behind, while Lukas got a brand new one - at least now we know, that we brought the spare tires for a reason.

The rest of the day was just incredible. The expected strong headwind did not bother us until the early afternoon - we drove around 110km on sandy - but nicely driveable - backroads, no cars at all, the landscape slightly changed from just flat to some hills and trees. We crossed yet another state line today, from Texas (oh we will miss the steaks) to New Mexico (mountains here we come). Oh and one more thing, we did not only cross yet another state line, we also completed another 1000km which brings us to a total of 4000km now - 2000km still to go. Yihaaaaa!

B & L

PS.: Don't forget, we are supporting Wings For Life with our adventure. Every € or $ you donate is going directly into spinal cord injury research. Please donate here! Thank you!

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  1. ma

    Und die nächste Zeitzone ist auch überschritten. MTC nun sind es 8 Stunden Unterschied zu unserer MEZ!!

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