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Flagstaff is cool. That is what Berni and me concluded while riding downhill to our next destination called Ash Fork.

Flag is a college-town up in the mountains of Arizona. The environment is a lot different to the desert of New Mexico we used to ride the days before. Summer was all of a sudden gone. Fall took over. We felt like being transplanted to a town in Canada or maybe even Austria. Mountains are surrounding the city, pine trees everywhere, apparently it is easy to go skiing in winter. It was beautiful. It felt like home.

As we took a day off there was plenty of time to explore the city. I walked downtown to buy some repair kits for our maltreated tires'n'tubes and was quite fascinated how young and outdoor affine Flagstaff was. Sport shops everywhere, biking and hiking trails, tons of people on the streets walking or running (yes, that´s a thing). Also the variety of coffee shops, bakeries and pubs attracted my attention. Hence I decided to spend my afternoon there - reading, writing, listening to new records while enjoying a smooth caffeine rush.

In the evening Berni and me, while waiting for our uber, met a group of locals at the motel who invited us to join a show by a DJ they knew quite well. Tina, Justin & Jimmy it was great meeting you guys! Back at the Motel we also ran into a fellar called James. He is from Australia and travels the globe for two years! Interesting character - hopefully we will meet him in LA again.

The inofficial city center however seems to be a lively etablisment called Country Host Restaurant. An oldschool diner with a simply great (but definitely MAD) working crew! We went their twice. Very entertaining. Great selection of food. Extraordinary sides! You better ask this lady: (Ask for Melissa, she will get you anything for just $50)

L & B

PS.: Don't forget, we are supporting Wings For Life with our adventure. Every € or $ you donate is going directly into spinal cord injury research. Please donate here! Thank you!

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