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First Steps towards the Goal

Talking about the trip for - let's say a year - our first steps towards our big adventures are made.

First - and foremost - I (Berni) started working out. This is a remarkable fact, since I am usually not that kind of workout guy. However the first couple of things brought some major changes in my life. I work out almost daily for the third week now - WOW - an still enjoy it :) I will put my trainings stats online, so that I have a motivation to work out constantly and you get an impression how I prepare myself for this amazing adventure.

Secondly - and that is, what makes the whole trip quite real. We built our own blog - the one you are reading now. This blog will serve us as a platform to communicate our adventure to the "outside", it will be our diary during the trip to show our family, friends, "fans" ( i hope we will get some :) ) that we are not only hanging out in the bars on the route, but are actually doing some serious cycling :).

Thirdly - our plan is not only to have our own adventure but in addtion to dedicate the trip to a good cause. We plan to support "Wings For Life" - a research foundation which is dedicated to make spinal cord injury healable - more on that soon.


PS.: thx to humancyclist for the amazing picture :)

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