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Double The Fun

Teutopolis - St. Louis

We knew the day will come, we thought we were prepared for it but in the end it was hard to leave "paradise" (aka Teutopolis) and all the wonderful and friendly people we had the priviledge to meet.

I don't know the exact time we decided to do a double-leg (some say it was in a Holiday Inn Bar during a karaoke night, others claim that it happened after having a cherry juice at a local bar in Teutopolis) it doesn't really matter, because on Monday at 6:00 AM (!) our alarm clocks went off to start an amazing day. After having our obligatory american styled breakfast at the Country Kitchen (thank you Henry for that!) we were heading westwards again.

As it turns out we had chosen a perfect day to ride the 180 kilometers laying ahead of us. The mild temperatures and nearly no wind let the first 90 kilometers fly by in no time. We reached Greenville, which would have been our final destination, around noon. The local Dairy Queen provided us with some carbs and after a short break we were attacking the second half of our trip. Although the weather changed and it was raining again the second half was as smooth as our first one. Partly because we found a bike trail (the first since Virginia). Those trails are built on old railroad trails which means that they are mostly straight and flat, thus perfect for Berni-styled biking.

The sight changed drastically once we have entered the eastern city limits of St. Louis. Instead of farms, fields and cattle we were suddenly in the middle of heavy industry buildings. It was an interesting sight, but we were somewhat concerned that the city itself would also look like that. Boy, where we wrong! After having crossed the mighty Mississippi and yet another state line we finally arrived at our new home for the next 2 nights - at Kathie's wonderful downtown loft. Berni couldn't really believe that the 180km were so easy to achieve, whereas Lukas had yet another chance to tell Berni "Told you so".

St. Louis itself is a city we will definitely remember. The beautiful old buildings in downtown are a silent reminder of the city's incredible and rich history, it has so much charme and of course our host (&Julie) helped us to feel welcomed. After 1 day off and having finished our touristic program (the arch, of course) we once again were hitting the road. Let me rephrase that - we were not hitting any road again, we were heading to one of America's best known roads - the infamous Route 66.

B & L


  1. Benjamin Schwärzler

    Haaaappy Birthday Berni!!! 🙂

  2. Katie

    It was so great having you guys! Good luck on the rest of your trip and I hope you were able to celebrate for your birthday, Bernie, although I wouldn’t expect anything else. Thank you for exploring my neighborhood with me. Great to see you, Lukas, and great to meet you Bernie.

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