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Daytrip Sponsor #50

Say hello to Christian, an aspiring architect and one of my oldest an closest friends. (he is the "perfectly" photoshopped face on the far right :) )  and Alex (face on the left) who is the acutal flight attendant and a fellow caipirinhia enthusiast :D

Apparently both of them always have to think about the Forrest Gump Run (you know, where he runs through the US and gets a beard) when talking about our 5499km.com Project (I am working on the beard thing!) :) Furthermore they told us, that they think that it is amazing how such a seemingly insurmountable challenge can be successfully mastered - just with our muscles and a little bit of a crazy mind :)

Thank you Christian and Alex for your support - the thing I have learned so far on this trip is: a crazy mind can accomplish amazing things :)


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  1. Chas.

    It’s a fine line between ingenious and insanity…being acceptance vs denial!! It’s crazy and brilliant biking across the best continent in the world…just a little American pride

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