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Daytrip Sponsors #54 and #59


This is Michael and Thomas. Both work an teach at the Swiss School of Milling, a school set up to offer training to technology and production managers in the grain processing industry. I had the opportunity to attend this school recently - A decision I will never regret. It was a valuable time full of new, interesting people and loads of helpful knowledge.




My classmates decided to support 5499km in May. Soon after that Joerg, Thomas and Michael joined in, taking over sponsorships for three legs. And hey, I´m definitely delighted that this reputable school takes care of us travelling from Arizona to viva Las Vegas!

Appreciate it,





  1. John Shade

    We saw you guys today on the Brooklyn Bridge working on your GoPro camera. I’d like to wish you a safe and bountiful journey. My one piece of advice is carry lots of water when traveling through the desert. May the winds be with you…

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