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Daytrip Sponsor #51

This is Filipp. Cycling Pro, Outdoor enthusiast and dedicated baker! I had the pleasure to meet him back in 2010 while spending a wonderful summer in the stunning mountains of Suedtirol. I promised to come back some time. So I did - For a weekend of tough 5499 - preparation. Filipp challenged me a whole day. "Quality-cycling" in the morning, hiking in the afternoon. Admittedly he pretty much pushed me to the limit, yet the fantastic scenery and the fact the we crested two summits in one day totally compensated for all the strain. Find attached some pics below!

Besides that we talked a lot about our little cycling-project. He soon decided to support us and I am happy and proud that Filipp takes care of leg #51 in Arizona.

Thanks for the epic weekend! Thanks for supporting 5499km.com & W4L!



















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