Christoph Z & Julia M
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Daytrip Sponsor #36

Say hello to Julia and Christoph, both are from Styria, (well Christoph might argue that he is half german but that is another story), Lukas and I know them for around 5 years?(i hope that is true :)

If you would like, the 5499km project sums up Christophs life (in a very short way :) ) He was a passionate race biker, however due to an accident he was not able to continue his passion and was faced with a life changing situation. I do not know what I would have done if I wake up in the hospital not being able to move my body anymore. But Christoph, as stubborn as he is, never excepted life in a wheelchair - and now he can amazingly walk and dive (new passion!) again.

Julia, his lovely - and most would say - better half, is also very passionate about sports and roaming through the oceans as a scubadiver since 3 years (but not so keen to see sharks, who would blame her for that?!).

The two of them will face their biggest adventure next year - they will get married - congrats !

Thank you guys for supporting us and Wings For Life !


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