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Daytrip Sponsor #1

This is Clemens & Christoph. I know Clemens from the old days as we grew up in the same village, went to school together and both decided to study in Vienna. This is basically were Chrisl comes in. He was/is Clemens´s flatmate, an excellent pasta cook and always seems to be the right folk to hang out with.

I would describe them as emerging, talented and ambitious entrepreneuers, currently shaping Berlin´s creative/music industry.

They hosted me a couple of weeks ago and gave me the chance to experience Berlin from a local´s POV. After dicsussing personal goals and ongoing projects, both decided to support 5499km.com.

We are happy to anncounce that C&C take on the sponsorship for leg #1, leading from NYC to Princeton.

Thank you guys!


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  1. Clemente

    Whoopwhoop – eine Ehre!

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