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If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere…

... well to "make" it here, we would need our bikes... and our luggage.

The trip started nicely, beautiful flight weather in Vienna, kind of bumpy over germany (of course...) and then the British weather kicked in. We circled some 20 minutes over the channel, then again a nice beautiful loop over the coast of Dover and then another circle and another one. All in all we had an expected flight time of roughly 2 hours, we actually traveled for 3 1/2 hours. At least we had some time for british humor to quote the pilot:

"I hope the delay did not affect your further travel plans .... too much"

Needles to say, we missed our flight to JFK. After lining up for another hour at the BA counter we got the last 2 seats on a plane to New York. Since Heathrow is not the smallest airport we had to sprint to the check in counter (hell yeah - little work out, not to get rusty) and finally got our seats.

Fast forward 6 1/2 hours, waiting at the baggage claim. No bags... at all. All of our 4 bags (including bikes) were still enjoying the british weather. On the bright sight, we had no troubles with immigration or customs at all.

Still pretty relaxed we took the cab to our beautiful Airbnb appartment in Red Hook with our chilled host Roberto.

robertos appartment

Today we still have no luggage (2 are supposed to be already at JFK - the other two should be in LHR but on the way soon), but we went shopping for the essentials (thanks BA for refunding our expenses!) and will end the day with a drink... or two.


Cheers - B & L

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  1. Chris

    I’m glad that your stuff finally arrived in NYC, but on your return we defenitly have to talk about your passion about Germany 🙂

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