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Day & Night

Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn - Princeton

... and suddenly the journey begins. After we finally managed to get all of our bags!

Dead on time - somewhat around 10am we arrived at our starting point, Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn to probably start one of the biggest adventures of our lifes. A beautiful sunny day, a mild sea breeze and a big american breakfast welcomed us at the boardwalk.

Since very big adventure starts with a ritual cleaning we opend up a pop up barber shop at the beach and got ourselves a nice clean, somewhat strange hair cut. Some of you - well probably all of you might say that we should consider a different career then becoming a barber, and we very much agree. But hey, there was to much hair on the head, and it happened that we got a well charged beard trimmer at hand- and we used it! (viewer descretion adviced )

So, as said before, we started at Manhattan Beach and then went to Manhattan, over the very impressive Brooklyn Bridge (a LOT of tourists there, wonder why) into Battery Park and up to the ferry that brought us over to Jersey City. We got a last glance at the impressive Manhattan Skyline and off we went.

Our amazing Garmin Navigator directed us safely into the right direction (well some detours occured, but that was of course not Bernis fault). However we drove hours and hours through seemingly neverending suburbs. The interesting thing about that is, that every few blocks the sight changed drastically. From empty houses to typical american homes with german cars in front of them, from poor but viable neighbour hoods to the rich ones. New Jersey itself was the complete difference from crowded Manhattan, since almost nobody was on the streets.

And then suddenly we were out of the city, surrounded by fields and beautiful farmhouses (of course with a big american flag in front of them). The roads were getting better and better and cycling was just a joy. We planned to arrive in Princeton not too late, however the ride in the city was slower then expected so already on our first trip we had to take out our lights and cruised through the night. Around midnight we finally arrived at our Airbnb home for tonight. A stunning old farmhouse right in Princeton, hosted by Jen and Omar.

After a quick late night (or early morning) cooking session (Risotto) we headed to a heaven like bed and had a well deserved bikers sleep.

In the morning, of course breakfast, plus a very nice chat with Omar who teaches at Princeton University. Although we didn't really want to leave we got back on our bikes (I think we still have to give them names) and headed to the next destination (Philadelphia)

All in all the spirits are still high, Berni's Butt is a little bit worried but the brain tells him to shut up.

To sum it up, we left during the day and arrived during the night. In between many impressions and thoughts.

B & L

PS.: Don't forget, we are supporting Wings For Life with our adventure. Every € or $ you donate is going directly into spinal cort injury research. Donate here ! Thank you.



  1. Bici

    L-O-V-E THIS!!!!! 🙂

  2. Omar

    Was a pleasure to host you guys! So glad the journey is going smoothly.

    Just saw this announcement about a hyperlapse app that’s just been released and thought of you two:


    Wishing you safe passage,


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