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Corn, Wheat, Tobacco.

Nashville - Hopkinsville

Hopkinsville. 35000 inhabitants, 35000 soldiers (101st Airborn), seemingly endless fields, a Walmart superstore (unreal) and a mill. A special mill. At least for me. Back in 2010 it was my first stop in the US as I had the chance to visit a brand new, state of the art mill, getting to know the crew that worked on it plus the family that stands behind this success story. A valuable time. Berni and me toured the mill today. I was glad to see some familiar faces again and impressed by the fact that the plant is running at full capacity, 24/7. Siemer Milling operates two plants in the United States and is currently building a third one. Fortunately we will have the opportunity to visit all of them.

The ride towards Hopkinsville went very smooth. Although we left Nashville pretty late, little traffic, pleasant temperatures and good mood helped us to hit a new personal best: Almost 120km without a break in less than 6 hours. Felt pretty good.

Getting out of an American city is always time consuming. Traffic and traffic lights slow down ones average speed, the tarmac is often broken up, holes in the middle of the street and a lot of trash on the side. Unfortunately Nashville was not an exception. But after leaving the city we faced a new landscape - instead of the hilly roads we are now riding in a flat landscape, seemingly never ending farms and new, delightful smells. Our personal favorite is tobacco. Amazing! You just ride along and before you even see the fields you can smell the sweet, vanilla like odor. For Berni it was the very first time to see tobacco crops. Later that day we learned that growing tobacco is a very labor intensive thing to do. Everything has to be planted, maintained and harvested by hand.

Today we are already leaving Kentucky behind, heading further up North to Illinois.

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  1. Chas.

    75 miles in 6 hours…you two are so privaliged to be able to journey across this great country the way you are!! I’m quite envious.

    It’s been great reading all your updates since coming across you in Bristol….and now you’ve past Ft. Campbell, my brother’s birthplace…

    Keep up the incredible journey and fund raising!

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