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Las Vegas - Primm - Baker - Barstow

That heading might be a bit long & confusing. Let me rephrase: Las Vegas to California. The Golden State. Finally!

Primm was the last stop in Nevada. It took us almost one and a half hours to get out of Vegas. Yes, this funtown does not end at the strip. It´s actually really big and - thanks to a low tax policy - still among the fastest growing cities in the United States. Leaving the city limits behind the contrast couldn´t have been more extreme: Lights, Luxury, Madness vs. Nothing. Nothing than desert, heat, dust. And again two dudes working hard not to shred their tires on the beloved Interstate. Well, in the end we got off with a black eye. Just one flat. Cin Cin!

Primm itself is an interesting town as it only consists out of three buildings. All of them are, right, Casinos. Vegas has left its mark, but under these auspicious circumstances: Rehab cancelled. All in again!

The next day. Baker. The well informed blog follower might now suggest: Hey dummies, Baker is off the route. Amboy is your next destination. Had too much late night air? Well, Yes and No. The roads to Amboy where simply too bad, so we decided to detour and target Baker. On balance it doesn´t matter, because both spots are in C A L I !

It was super special to cross this very last State line. We now had confidence: Almost made it!

Baker is said the be the gate to Death Valley, featuring the world´s tallest thermometer. I don´t know if that´s true. What I know is: Dam, it´s freakin hot down there! Yes down there. It´s almost at sea level. Here is a guessing game: After two hours of steady climbing in the desert, what is sexier than the hottest chick in Vegas?!



Reaching the metropolis of Baker, after 25! km of riding without pedalling once, we checked in at the only Motel in town. Greek flair. Overprized. Dinner at the Mad Greek Cafe.

Today´s ride to Barstow was suspiciously unspectacular. No flats on 100+ km. Scary.

It´s 11pm right now. My newsfeed is full of people posting pictures of snowy landscapes back in Austria. I´m sitting on a patio, short sleeved, outside temperature 26 °C, admiring the starry sky. Welcome to California!

L & B

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