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Breaking Bad

Santa Fe - Albuquerque

The trip down from Santa Fe was unspectacular, yet pleasant as we enjoyed a downhill ride plus epic outlook for most of the time. Reaching the city that is well known by all Breaking Bad fans we started to locate our temporary home for the upcoming two days. It was no hotel and no campground. It was way better: Siemers, our supportive hosts from TTown, managed to organize a place to stay at one of their cousins. So we met Fran and his son Sean, who gave us a more than warm welcome by cooking absolute genuine "Wienerschnitzel" the day we arrived! After dinner it turned out that this gentleman had a faible for liquid scottish treats. So do we. What a strange twist of fate.

Sitting on the patio, exchanging views on America and Europe, joking, watching the stars and nearby mountains - the evening couldn´t have been more pleasant.

Yet: Fran had another ace up his sleeve. Giving us a little tour in his garage it was soon clear that he had another faible: American Muscle Cars built by Henry Ford. Standing in front of an Mustang back from the days, differences in age, language or origin were simply non existing. Men love (toy)cars. All over the world. Word.

It was about to call for the night when Fran asked: "What are your plans for tomorrow folks? Do you need a ride? You can have the convertible. Here are the keys."

Did I already mention that we like this guy?

The next morning. We got up at six. Not to catch a worm but balloons. At lot of them. Around 600 to be precise. It was time to check out Albuquerques International Balloon Fiesta - the worlds biggest hot-air-balloon festival - that fortunately just started that weekend! Oh boy, it was unreal! Balloon teams from all over the globe, mass start by sunrise, thousands of visitors, tons of new faces to talk to (i.e.: Vinny - who is travelling through the world for the next 3 years) and of course - deep fried food for an epic breakfast!

As we could barely walk after finishing a selection of deep fried Oreos, Twinkies and doughnuts it seemed to be the right time to spur our beautiful Mustang! Remembering the nearby Sandia mountains that we admired the night before, we decided to hike them with the little help of our new vehicle. Except the ridiculous speed limits, the ride was a blast and the outlook on top more than made up for it! Sandia crest has an elevation of 3255 meters, you can even ski there in Winter which is kind of remarkable, as it is located in the middle of the desert.

Driving down to Abq again, Berni was up for the grand "Breaking Bad Nerd Tour" which took us to several well know spots known from the TV show. I´m not too much into this series but c´mon, driving a Mustang across the city after 4500km on a bike? Sure, sold!

The evening started with another great dinner powered by Fran: Elk-steak. Hunted, processed and cooked by: You got it: Fran. - and ended with watching a movie in the man cave housed in the basement. I think it´s a waste of time to mention who´s man cave it was. Thank you F.  - Thank you Abq

L & B

PS.: Don't forget, we are supporting Wings For Life with our adventure. Every € or $ you donate is going directly into spinal cord injury research. Please donate here! Thank you!

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  1. Andy

    Enjoyed talking to you at Laguna Burger near 66 Casino on your way to Grants, NM for the night. It’s great that you come to America and do this ride for a great cause, keep those pedals moving [ha,ha] & be safe.

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