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Natural Bridge - Blacksburg

Virginia seems to  be a state for cyclists. Like the other days we experienced marvelous biking trails - along small rivers or the railroad. It was just a joy. (however don't get Berni started on the last 2 km to Blacksburg).

This daytrip - as we found out later - was a special one. Firstly because thanks to you we now have collected over €5000 for Wings For Life. That's just AMAZING! Secondly, we crossed the first 1000km of our little trip. It's astonishing because we just started around 10 days ago and ever since we have experienced so many interessting encounters with strangers and collected so many impressions so far!

Blacksburg, home of Virginia Tech University is this typical American university city. The campus is around 3/4 of the city itself and the students seem to be everywhere. We walked the whole campus and were particularly struck by the memorial that was built by students and officials to remind everybody of the terrible shooting that took place back in 2007.

For Berni it was like a time machine back to his semester abroad in Texas. Neat little Bars, a lot of friendly young people that made us feel welcome, and of course enjoying the nightlife. - a little bit ^^

B & L

PS.: Don't forget, we are supporting Wings For Life with our adventure. Every € or $ you donate is going directly into spinal cord injury research. Please donate here! Thank you!


  1. Charles

    Awesome to have met you! From Blacksburg to Bristol in one day! The most I’ve done in a day has been 60/70 miles, y’all, to borrow a southern term, did more than 100! And you’re raising money for the back!!! My three slipped discs changed my life…

    Can’t wait to track you across this great country!!

    • Berni

      hey charles, nice hearing from you 🙂

      admitedly it was blacksburg – wytheville – bristol 🙂 so no worries there – although we might crack the 100 mile daytrip soon, depending on our physical conditions.

      if you have any tipps along the route, let us know 😀
      berni & lukas

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