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Back to the future

Rockwood - Cookeville

... another day in paradise or to be more precise: another day in the saddle. Yesterday we concluded the day with another culinary adventure - we had diner at the infamous Cracker Barrel restaurant. While at the outside a thunderstorm was roaring we tried to select something to eat from the extensive menu. As we were kind of fed up with the traditional american food (burgers) we decided to have some salad - as it turned out, a very bad decision. Although the salad itself was very tasteful it left us somewhat hungry so we decided to have some desert. Also a very tasty but also kind of sweet decision. Since one dessert for the two of us seemed a little bit unamerican we got two. The Double Chocolate Fudge Coca Cola Cake and the Baked Apple Dumplin. Yes you heard right - a cake that is made with Coca Cola (according to our waiter the coke makes the cake fluffier) - and don't be fooled by the innocent name of the Baked Apple Dumplin. It was madness. Full stop.

Thanks to the nigthly thunder and storm we woke up to very bikeable temperatures. The first few kilometers already lead up a mountain (well, might have also been a hill). It was the first indication for a milestone we hit today - 1000m difference in altitude in one day. In my point of view a pretty cool milestone since it is also a good training for those small hills at the end of our trip - rocky mountains or whatever they are called.

After Lukas claimed yesterday that we only had 1 rainday so far, the mighty weather god decided that we need to use our raingear more often. So we had our second rainday, it was pretty intense but a very welcoming change to the super hot weather we had the last few days. Not only the weather changed, also the landscape itself is starting to change again: it becomes less hilly (i don't know if that is a valid word -> but yeahhhh).

Oh, and another thing, we drove by a little green traffic sign today saying "Central Time Zone" - we literally timetraveled today! It was only one hour into the past, but it felt amazing! Especially the photo I took from Lukas - while I was staying in the "old" time zone Lukas was around 1 meter (and one hour) away in the "new" timezone.

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B & L

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