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America The Brave

Alburquerque - Grants - Gallup

Our "relaxing" days always give us the chance to see more of the city we stay which is always cool and interessting. As Lukas already wrote in the previous post - ABQ was no exception. But there is another nice thing about staying more then one night in town - restocking our inventory - or in our case restocking on tubes and repair kits.

So far we had more then 15 flats in total - which had taken a toll on our repair kits (since we can only use a kit for 4-5 flats) and some of our tubes do not look like tubes anymore but more like a rag rug. At the local bike shop we were introduced to some fancy biking stuff - the motto "Go Big or Go Home" apparently does not only comply with cars and food - but also with biking equipment. Hence we bought heavy duty tubes (they are thicker then the normal ones) and something called Slime. When put into the tube it kind of heals it when something pierces it.

As I had yet another flat I was really looking forward to use this new system and see if it keeps what the bike store staff promised us. Long story short - with the new enhanced tube I was able to ride without any incident or piercing - which is marvelous - if it only had lasted longer then 30km. We haven't even crossed the city limits when all of a sudden my tube exploded. All the fancy stuff doesn't help when you have a huge crack between the valve and the tube itself.

After inserting the not enhanced and simple tube we were finally be able to leave the city behind and headed to Grants.

The city of Grants is a lovely little town on the Historic Route 66 - however it has seen better times. There are still a lot of these typical R66 signs on the street, promising a cafe or a garage - but if you want to actually visit these places to get a warm cup of coffee you might actually just stand in front of a sandy place with no building.

After a good nights sleep we headed towards Gallup. Thanks to our outstanding strength and shape we cycled the 109km in 3h54min (average speed 28) - well the wind might also have played a role, but definitely a minor one. On this daytrip we also passed the continental divide. This is the place where the rivers flow in different directions - on the one side to the atlantic, on the other one the pacific. Since we are very curious young fellows we wanted to see the result of the divide by ourselves, unfortunately though we both went to the restroom just before we reached it...

Gallup itself is quite an interesting little town - or to be more precise: The most patriotic small town in America!

So in appreciation of this most patriotic small town we have a a very special music video for you. And for Rick - we hope it helps you to recover from the Flat Beat shock!

B & L

PS.: Don't forget, we are supporting Wings For Life with our adventure. Every € or $ you donate is going directly into spinal cord injury research. Please donate here! Thank you!

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