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Oklahoma City - Weatherford

After our 200+ km ride to OKC this ride was supposed to be easy goin. In fact it was, altough we went beyond Weatherford due to three reasons: first and foremost - amazing weather (again, sunny sunny sunny), secondly OKC treated us well, we were carbed up and of course thirdly, Berni's exquisit taste when it comes to lodging (his "fancy" taste is basically: No Bedbugs and if a review says Bedbugs Berni is not very fond of staying in such a motel - to Lukas's genuine surprise).

The day held what is kind of promised, the landscape - especially by the end of the day - was simply breathtaking and reminded us of grass covered plains in Africa. Cycling towards the setting sun in a seemingly endless country - What else could you wish for?

As it has been a while since we entered Route 66 in St. Louis we want to give you a short impression on what it is like, compared to the roads we traveled before.

If we talk about R66 we cannot actually say it's the original R66 because it has undergone some evolutionary changes. Some parts are back from the 30´s, they are very easy to spot, because it is a simple 2 lane concrete road, quite hilly and a lot of old garages and other buildings along the road - there is almost no traffic. Then you have the "advanced" R66. As the traffic increased the US decided to expand the 2 lane road to a 4 lane road. In the middle there is often a strip of gras and instead of concrete the actually used tormak. This 2nd generation R66 is often a Highway now and is used a lot by cars. And then you have the 3rd generation R66 - the Interstate 40 (which is basically the Autobahn).

Being able to see the evolution of American mobility just based on the road is often very interesting to see. On the far right you have the seemingly neverending plain land (cowboys used to ride on them) then you have the railroad trails (which is often out of order) then the 1st generation Route 66 (which is also quite often in a bad shape), then the 2nd generation R66 (on which we are traveling) and then on the far left the Interstate.

Riding on Mother 66 is more relaxing then we had expected, no trucks, hardly any crazy drivers, little traffic. However our biggest "problem" on the road are the dogs. They seem to have never seen bicycles before and thus often identify us a potential enemies. Some are only barking, some are thankfully chained in the front yard of the houses, but some - and those are the nasty ones - are not chained. The feeling of spotting a somehow mental dog running at full speed towards us is not too entertaining, although we kind of get used to it. No one tried to bite us yet, they are running in circles around us and bark as hell. Depending on their fitness level they sooner or later give up. Or simply collapse. B & L: 1 / Dogs: 0

L & B

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