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Five days till Take Off

And the adventure begins...on the 11th of August

First of all thank you guys for supporting the 5499km project and Wings For Life. We already have incredible €3120 from over 30 contributors. Just amazing ! Keep spreading the word so that we can reach our minimum goal of €5499.

The last few weeks were filled with heavy preparing and training on the bike. Thanks to the guys from Bikepalast we are now dressed in stylish cycling gown - we kind of fell into a spending spree :)



Thanks to Gernot from Citybiker our bikes have now a nice travelling cardboard box. Funfact: a 180cm cardboard does not, i repeat, does not fit into a BMW 1series. I had to call a cab for those f***** 2 cardboards to transport them to my apartment. It looked pretty stupid, them traveling in a cab on their own, me behind in another car... but hey, now we can at least check in our bikes.

car incident

We had a great, what am i saying, an epic goodbye party, cool DJs- thank you Klingklang (DJbetroffen just played that piece of "music"). Amazing guest from Austria, Switzerland and Germany .



Thank you Babsi, Sandra, Gogo, Andi for your "fuel", Kiesi & Szi for the Twinni's, Alex for looking after our manly parts and Michi & Stefan for the care package!

Futhermore we are proud to announce a new main sponsor: The Greiner Holding AG is a family owned High Tech company, supporting us as well as our Wings For Life project.

For all you lazy guys who do not want to check our blog on a daily basis we offer a newsletter function: go to http://www.5499km.com/contact/. On the right hand side you will find a subscribe box, just enter you email address and you will get the latest 5499km.com news!

B & L


fotocredit: http://static.bilder-welten.net/pics/83/489583.jpg 

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