Portrait Photo by Kerstin Kieslinger

Who is he – description by Bernhard

Visionary, down-to-earth, loves life, looking for the thrill, self-assured, knows what he wants, passionate, DJ (quite good actually), party-party-party, perfectionist.

Why is he doing this ?

I never rode a roadbike before. I had no idea how fast and far you can go –  if you just want it badly enough. That´s why I was pretty stunned after riding such a bike with a group of crazy Americans back in the summer of 2010

Having accomplished a 60 mile ride in less than 4 hours I realized that:

  1. I want such a bike.
  2. I like those people who challenge themselves on a sunday morning.
  3. Borders exist in your mind.

I ordered my first bike back home while I was still traveling the US.

The vision of crossing the States by bike rose thereafter – and does not let go till today.

Biggest challenge during the trip?

Losing sight of the master goal. Staying focused. Not falling out with Bernie too much (due to epic snoring or a lack of Snickers).

What will I enjoy the most during the trip?

Silence. Purism. Learning to be patient. 

My expectations for the trip?

A step by step realization of my dream by proving that I can achieve everything if I just want it badly enough. 

My motivation for doing this trip?

It´s an awesome physical & mental challenge that symbolizes a metaphoric transition from one chapter of life to a new one. Leaving one coast, approaching  another.

One Comment

  1. Erich Greind

    Ich habe in Sankt Georgen den Vortrag über Eure Reise gehört.
    Wir haben kurz gesprochen, ob Ihr diesen Vortrag auch in Mauthausen halten würdet.
    Termin wäre 13. oder 20.Jänner 2016.
    Bitte um eine kurze Rückmeldung.


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