Berni Schaffer - Portrait Photo by Kerstin Kieslinger

Who is he – description by Lukas

Supporter & friend, open-minded, smart, honest, sound, down to earth, stress resistant, discreet, IT-nerd, fucking snores.

Why is he doing this ?

I am what you will probably call a hedonist. I enjoy the enjoyments of life very much and thus am not the most sportive person. However this trip will take me to my personal borders  (mentally & physically) and far beyond. I want to experience the feeling of leaving my “known world” and discovering what else is out there in this world.

Biggest challenge during the trip?

Basically outwitting myself. Not giving in when the weather is miserable and everything is looking terrible and my overall attitude is hitting rock bottom. – And of course not snoring too much.

What will I enjoy the most during the trip?

The seemingly endless landscape, meeting interesting people proofing myself that I can achieve my goals when I only want it hard enough.

My expectations for the trip? 

It will be hard – not only mentally but also physically. However I imagine myself standing on that little landing stage at Manhattan Beach, California – knowing what we have achieved and that will be an incredible feeling I want to feel.

My motivation for doing this trip?

It is as an adventure I will never forget , it is a story not a lot of people can tell. I wan to proof myself what I am capable of doing and the best thing about it is, that each and every day I have to challenge myself to reach my goal. It will be a life changing adventure.

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  1. Steve

    Thanks for stopping at The Original Pancake House in Primm. Good luck with the final stretch of your trip!

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